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*Special guest blog* Redefine Success Before it Kills You

by Bristol Baughan, Life Coach & Founder of Inner Astronauts, and co-facilitator of Light Your Fire (And Keep It Lit!) New Year Retreat (Jan 15-17, 2016). 

The definition of success is in need of a radical makeover. Our beliefs create an environment where stress reigns and attacks our hearts, immune systems, bowels, and minds while keeping us awake most nights. Traditionally success is measured by external validation such as awards, money, “likes”, property, relationship, title, and God’s favor. Whether it is Mom or Dad or some renowned institution, we are unconsciously seeking the definition of success modeled by our parents and society. And it’s all good. It is a part of growing up. Read more… 


Food Grows Where Water Flows

Why is agriculture the most important topic we should all be discussing right now? And not just those of us living in California who—you may have heard–have one year of water supply left. I’m talking about all of our food choices and taking a good hard look at what we eat, how much we eat and where our food comes from. I’m talking about looking at the influence that Big Ag has politically and urging our government policy makers to start making better decisions. Read more… 

The Real Cost of Oil: Global Seva Amazon

The rainforest is often called “the lungs of the earth”. It produces one-fifth of the world’s fresh air, one-fifth of known medicinal plants and knowledge (of which scientists estimate we have discovered only 1%), one-half of its fresh water, and is home to half of all species on Earth.  It is one of the most peaceful and pristine natural places on Earth, where all species depend on each other and a healthy ecosystem to survive. Read more… 

Sexual Violence and the History of Haiti

In Haiti there is a saying: the mountain behind the mountain, which means things are often not as they seem. On the one hand, we came to Haiti as part of a global effort to address immediate needs and create long-term solutions toward a more equitable and sustainable future. On the other hand, I could not help but feel a nagging doubt in the back of my mind that perhaps there was a mountain behind the mountain that we had not yet seen or fully understood: who were we—foreigners—to come into this country and say that we possessed the silver bullet that would make it all right? Everywhere we went, people seemed to look at us with a mixture of hope that we might somehow ease their troubles and help solve their problems, and a proud resentment of the fact that they had to take the world’s handouts. It was inspiring, infuriating, and humbling to witness all at the same time. Read more… 


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