About me

Rebecca F. Rogers (BA, MA, RYT)

 Rebecca Rogers

 Private, small group, special event, and corporate classes available.

I teach Vinyasa (flow yoga) classes that are often described as strong, fun, and inspirational. I believe in the power of yoga to awaken each of us to a greater sense of purpose and intentional living, and to unite the yoga community around sustainability and social justice. Classes are intended to build strength, body awareness and flexibility through an integration of breathwork, creative sequencing and precise alignment. Classes are safe for newer students and challenging for more experienced yogis, and include hands-on adjustments, descriptive cues, and individualized attention.


I have been practicing and teaching yoga for more than fifteen years.  Dedicated to promoting peace, well-being, and sustainability on a global scale, I have a masters in International Peace and Conflict Resolution, with a focus on Sustainable Development.  I have taught human rights to high school students, trained Peace Corps volunteers, volunteered in an indigenous community in the Ecuadorian Amazon, and worked with Fortune 500 companies to reduce their environmental impact.

Off the Mat, Into the World:

I believe in the transformative power of yoga to build leaders and activists by guiding them through experiences that inspire them to mobilize around a common intention of service. As Community Relations & Program Director for Off the Mat, Into the World (OTM), I have supported leaders around the world in mobilizing their communities to raise close to $4M in funds for humanitarian projects in Cambodia, Uganda, South Africa, Haiti, India, Ecuador and Kenya through our international service project, the Global Seva Challenge. In addition to overseeing the Global Seva Challenge, I am also responsible for program development and general administration for OTM.  Click here to learn more.

email: rebeccarogers (at) gmail.com

Private, small group, special event and corporate lessons available upon request.


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